Kensal Rise & Queens Park, 69 Chamberlayne Road, London, NW10 3ND
Kensal Rise & Queens Park, 69 Chamberlayne Road, London, NW10 3ND
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A tribunal case has ended with fines imposed on two landlords - Nigel William Harry Hobbs and James Robert Hobbs - following an action brought by Boston council.

The case focused on violations of the Housing Act 2004 and the Management of HMO Regulations 2006.

The original penalties imposed on James Robert Hobbs for managing a HMO in breach of regulations amounted to £5,750, while Nigel William Harry Hobbs faced similar charges with penalties totalling £5,750. Additionally, Nigel William Harry Hobbs incurred a financial penalty of £10,000 for operating a HMO that required a mandatory licence without having one and £1,500 for breaching Management of HMO Regulations 2006.

Appeals against the penalties centered on whether the property was intended to be run as an HMO. Both appellants argued that the property's classification as a HMO was due to the actions of a tenant and that the regulations were not breached.

The court upheld the penalties, highlighting the seriousness of non-compliance with HMOs and their respective management regulations. 

A spokesperson for Boston council says: "We welcome the court's decision to uphold the penalties for violations of HMO and management regulations. These regulations are in place to ensure the safety and well-being of tenants and to maintain standards in property management.

"It is crucial for landlords and property owners to adhere to these rules to protect the interests of residents and the community as a whole. We urge all individuals involved in property management to prioritise compliance with regulations to create safe and healthy living environments for everyone."

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